Afghan National Stabs Woman Working Outside Because He Didn’t Think It Was an Appropriate Job for Women

An Afghan national has been arrested in connection with a stabbing after officials said the man did not approve of a woman working as a gardener.

The 29-year-old Afghan attacked the 58-year-old female gardener in Berlin on Saturday, according to The Associated Press. When a 66-year-old passerby sought to help the woman being attacked, he was then stabbed as well.

German police said the attacker first talked to the woman, then produced a knife and stabbed her in the neck. He told her that a woman should not be doing the work she was doing. Both victims suffered serious injuries, police said, according to the U.K.’s Express.

The AP reported the Afghan man was arrested on charges of attempted murder and aggravated assault.

Police said the man is suspected of “possible Islamist motivation.”

The Afghan national had been living in Germany since 2016, police found.

The incident comes as the Biden administration is planning to bring 50,000 Afghan refugees into the U.S., which, as Axios reported, is more than the total number of refugees the U.S. has resettled over the past couple of years.

That has sparked concerns among some who fear that an administration that botched the withdrawal from Afghanistan cannot properly vet so large a number.

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas is among those questioning the administration’s plans, and its ability to know what it is doing.

Former President Donald Trump noted that the Biden administration’s performance along America’s southern border shows it cannot be trusted with a mass influx of refugees.

“In addition to the southern border, with millions of unvetted people pouring in, we now have tens of thousands of totally unvetted Afghans, who many say are not the ones that should have come in,” Trump said, according to Bloomberg.

“How many terrorists are among them?”

Europe, which bore the brunt of the flight of refugees from Syria in 2015, has voiced concerns about a new wave of refugees.

French President Emmanuel Macron, for example, has said Europe must “protect itself” from a spike in migrants from Afghanistan who have fled the Taliban.

“We are clearly saying that we will not and cannot be the gateway of Europe for the refugees and migrants who could try to come to the European Union,” Greek migration minister Notis Mitarachi said, according to The New York Times.

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