As War in Europe Looms, President Trump Reveals Where the ‘Next’ Invasion Will ‘Absolutely’ Take Place

On more than one occasion, Joe Biden, the current occupant of the White House, has proven he can’t even handle a staged, scripted photo op. His presence as the supposed leader of the United States has destabilized international affairs.

On Tuesday, Biden’s predecessor, former President Donald Trump, was interviewed on radio’s “Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show.” Trump gave his opinion on what Biden’s fecklessness has caused: Emboldened enemies on the march.

Looking beyond the current mess between Russia and the Ukraine, Trump warned that China would be the next aggressor, going after the island of Taiwan.

After slamming Biden’s performance on the botched Afghanistan retreat, America’s open southern border, and escalated tensions with Russia, Trump pivoted to the topic of China.

According to a transcript of the interview, Trump predicted China would move on Taiwan after seeing Biden’s tepid response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“By the way, China’s going to be next, you know,” Trump stated.

“You think they’re going to go after Taiwan?” Travis asked.

“Oh, absolutely,” Trump said. “Not with me they wouldn’t have.”

Prompted by Travis, Trump explained what he anticipated from China.

“They’re waiting until after the Olympics,” he said. “Now, the Olympics ended, and look at your stopwatch, right?”

Trump compared Chinese President Xi’s territorial ambitions toward Taiwan to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s schemes to occupy Ukraine.

Trump described Putin and Xi as “twin sisters,” as far as having equal desires for expansion at the expense of other nations. Trump also noted neither of the two leaders acted so aggressively during his time in office.

Since Biden was sworn in, China has escalated belligerent aerial actions against Taiwan, repeatedly flying military aircraft near the island as a show of force.

As a Newsweek report noted Tuesday, relations between the U.S. and China are strained over the status of Taiwan, which Beijing has sought to reclaim since communists drove the Chinese Nationalist government from the mainland in 1949

The Biden administration and the establishment media rhetoric promoted the current Russian turmoil as a potential world war.

While Biden and his handlers are distracted by mishandling the Ukraine situation, Taiwan is in jeopardy. The swamp in Washington can’t manage a single crisis, let alone two at the same time.

America’s enemies know this. It’s little wonder China and the Russian Federation are coordinating their actions.

Another red flag is Biden’s involvement in corruption in both China and Ukraine. Biden’s son Hunter received millions from shady business arrangements in those countries.

As Hunter famously described one deal, 10 percent went to the “Big Guy.”

With conflicts like that, it’s not only Biden’s competence that is questionable, even if the mainstream media won’t admit it. There should be an accounting of how money drove the policies that created dangerous weaknesses.

President Trump faced off with both Putin and Xi in tough negotiations. Trump also had access to the best intelligence information in the world.

When Trump says that these ruthless leaders see Biden’s disasters as opportunities, we need to listen to him.

Via      The Western Journal

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