BBC Slams Biden, Harris: Avoiding Afghanistan Questions Makes U.S. Look Like an ‘Incompetent, Uncaring and Unreliable Ally’

If you want to see how our allies view the United States after the disgraceful turn of events in Afghanistan, without the spin, you have to turn to foreign media.

A British Broadcasting Company (BBC) host just slammed Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and the United States during a live segment saying that the Vice-Presidents choice to avoid questions on Afghanistan makes our country look like an ‘incompetent, uncaring and unreliable ally.’

This is well worth the less than one minute needed to watch to get a real sense of how our allies now view the United States and our security guarantees.

This BBC host is sadly right.

What happened in Afghanistan over the past 10 days is an absolute disgrace and a complete failure of American military and political leadership.

We have been lied to for 20 years about the war in Afghanistan. We have been told that progress was being made and the country could stand on its own, at least for a while.

That was clearly untrue and those responsible for this disaster, especially those at the very top, should either resign or be court martialed.

Of course, we now know that Biden has no plans to fire anyone lest he be accused of making a mistake or a bad decision.

This is the biggest failure by the US government in my lifetime and that says a lot. Maybe instead of pushing CRT and BLM the military brass should have focused on how to defeat enemies on the battlefield.

Of course as we now know the odds that any at the top will suffer any consequences whatsoever for their failures is slim to none. Watch in the months ahead as some even get promotions and more responsibility.



Via  The Federalist Papers

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