Biden’s Polls So Bad That Even Jimmy Carter Was Beating Him at This Point in His Disastrous Presidency

President Joe Biden’s poll numbers are abysmal, with no indication they’ll rebound as we approach the critical November midterm elections.

The majority of U.S. adults — a whopping 56 percent — disapprove of Biden’s job performance, according to the latest Gallup poll, released Friday. An anemic 41.3 percent of respondents approve of the career politician.

The poll surveyed 1,018 adults between April 1 and 19.

Biden’s subpar approval ratings foreshadow disaster for the Democratic Party in November since presidents whose poll numbers are below 50 percent typically lose seats in the House and Senate in the midterms.

From a historical perspective, his poll numbers at this time in his tenure are lower than that of any prior president except Donald Trump, who averaged 39.1 percent during his fifth quarter.

A critical difference is that Trump was relentlessly attacked by the establishment media, and this undoubtedly tanked his approval ratings.

In contrast, the corporate press has repeatedly downplayed or ignored Biden’s numerous scandals, failures and epic gaffes.

Amazingly, Biden’s approval ratings at this stage in his presidency are even lower than those of Jimmy Carter, who remains one of the most unpopular presidents in American history.

For Biden to underperform fellow Democratic laggard Carter speaks volumes about the current public sentiment toward his inept performance.

All of this augurs troubles for the Democrats in the midterm elections.

“Biden’s low job approval rating stands as a significant threat to the Democratic Party’s chances of maintaining its slim majorities in the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate,” Gallup said.

“Typically, unpopular presidents’ parties have lost seats in midterm elections, with the number of seats lost usually much higher for presidents with job approval ratings below 50%.”

The polling organization said Biden’s poll numbers could improve as we inch closer to November, but it’s unlikely.

“While it is possible that Biden’s job approval could increase between now and the fall elections, doing so would go against the historical pattern for second-year presidents,” Gallup wrote.

“To date, only one president — Trump — saw any gains in his job approval ratings between the fifth and seventh quarters in office. The seventh quarter concludes Oct. 19, just weeks before the midterm elections.

“In Trump’s case, his job approval increased only marginally, from 39% to 41%, and not nearly enough to alter the dynamics of the election that saw Republicans lose 40 House seats and control of that chamber.”

In other words, Biden’s poll numbers are in freefall, and there’s little he can do to turn this around amid the multiple, catastrophic crises he has inflamed with his toxic policies.

While this is encouraging news, Republicans should not take anything for granted, with wily Democrats already plotting to prevent a red tsunami.

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