Capitol Cop Who Lied During Jan. 6 Hearing Is a Raging Leftist Who Supported BLM Riots

U.S. Capitol Police officer Harry Dunn, the man Democrats paraded out in front of the country for their Jan. 6 commission farce on Tuesday, is more than a law enforcement officer — he’s also a raging leftist.

Dunn actually sat in front of lawmakers for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s “Select Committee on the January 6th Insurrection” and lied about the death of one of his own colleagues, late Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick.

The federal law enforcement officer began his testimony by asking for a moment of silence for Sicknick, who he said “died from injuries he sustained in the line of duty defending the Capitol of our beloved democracy.”

Per the medical examiner’s office in Washington, D.C., Sicknick died from a series of strokes following the building incursion, which were unrelated to his job. With that stated, Dunn introduced himself to the country as a liar, a man plagued by ignorance, or both.

While speaking about his experiences working at the Capitol during the January building incursion by pro-Trump activists and others, Dunn also claimed he was the recipient of vicious racial attacks.

WARNING: The following videos and posts contain vulgar language and the use of racial slurs which some viewers will find offensive.

Can we even believe this man? A quick look at his activity on social media during recent years shows him to be a political activist in a uniform.

After seeing these and other posts, we cannot believe Dunn. The officer, despite his years serving as a member of the Capitol Police, is a liar and a left-wing political activist. Every word he uttered after his disingenuous call for a moment of silence should be doubted.

An honest man does not use the death of a colleague for sympathy, or to sell his own version of what he thinks happened on Jan. 6.

All riots are bad, including the one which occurred following a rally to oppose the certification of the 2020 election.

But that riot was no more atrocious than any number of riots that occurred throughout 2020 at the hands of Black Lives Matter and antifa. The Capitol incursion was less deadly and damaged less property than other riots which happened with great frequency in places such as Portland, Oregon.

Leftist Democrats don’t care about those riots. They only care about Jan. 6, because it is a way for them to portray their political opponents — conservatives — as enemies of the state. To help accomplish that mission, they relied on the testimony of a man they hoped we’d believe was just a good-natured cop.

Dunn came right out of the gate telling a big lie, and from there, his entire testimony was not credible. Dunn, the left-wing political activist, set out Tuesday to sell a message, and not to tell an important story.

He went with one of the oldest tricks in the left-wing activist playbook — to try to sell those listening on how racist he thinks everything is. He tried to garner sympathy by telling us he was the victim of a racially motivated riot, despite himself previously saying he supported violent race rioting in Kenosha.

Via The Western Journal

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