Confirmed: Joe Biden Made Osama bin Laden’s Prediction Come True

Former al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden apparently thought so little of Joe Biden that he predicted the former vice president would “lead the U.S. into a crisis” if he became commander in chief.

As ABC News reported in March 2012, bin Laden planned an assassination attempt against former President Barack Obama but banned fellow al-Qaida terrorists from targeting Biden.

In a 45-page letter from May 2010, bin Laden ordered Obama’s assassination because “Obama is the head of infidelity and killing him automatically will make Biden take over the presidency for the remainder of the term, as it is the norm over there.

“Biden is totally unprepared for that post, which will lead the U.S. into a crisis.”

In other words, the terrorist who orchestrated the murder of 3,000 Americans was hoping our current president would accede to the White House for reasons that are now obvious: namely, Biden’s stubborn idiocy on foreign policy, which has indeed precipitated a global crisis.

But what could have inspired such confidence on the part of bin Laden?

For starters, Biden advised Obama not to take out bin Laden in 2011 — the seminal foreign policy achievement of the Obama administration.

Biden also opposed the Gulf War, which successfully forced Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait and, when prematurely terminated, left him in place for another decade, around which time Biden called Hussein a national security threat and called for his ouster (only to later renege on his support for the Iraq War).

The Biden Doctrine happens to be confusion, incompetence and political flip-flopping.

But bin Laden wasn’t the only one skeptical of Biden’s foreign policy acumen.

It remains an indisputable fact that Biden has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy decision of his career, as attested to by no less than Obama’s Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

But even as The New York Times and the rest of the establishment media spill barrels of ink covering for terrorists raping Afghan women and executing American sympathizers, they cannot cover up the fact that just weeks ago Biden was assuring the public there was no guarantee the Taliban would retake Afghanistan — and almost no possibility it could happen this quickly.

That level of ineptitude stings, especially for those Americans who lost loved ones in pursuit of our objectives abroad.

American involvement in Afghanistan was not intended as a democracy-building project; its purpose was to prevent the Taliban from harboring bin Laden and al-Qaida as they plotted further attacks against the U.S.

The handoff of Afghanistan back to the Taliban is a despicable failure, one that both the Obama and Trump administrations knew to avoid despite their shared interest in ending the 20-year conflict.

Worst of all is that this failure was entirely predictable. To Republicans. To former Obama administration officials. To Osama bin Laden himself, who from his watery grave can rest assured that his estimation of a potential Biden presidency proved prophetic.

Our habit of declaring victory in defeat, turning over vast swaths of territory to our enemies and screwing our allies (as well as our own citizens) continues apace under the Biden administration.

Via  The Western Journal

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