Golden Retriever Saved by Emergency Responders After Terrible Mistake

Golden retriever fans love the affable dogs for their warm personalities, undying loyalty and adventurous spirits, but sometimes that spirit can get pups into trouble.

Jill Simmons of Falmouth, Maine, was reminded of that on Sunday when one of her young dogs got herself into a tricky situation that required professional help.

Simmons runs Poetic Gold Farm, a dog training business, and she also raises and shows golden retrievers. One of her younger dogs, Fable, ran through a drainage pipe and became trapped as the other end was iced over.

Fable’s foible resulted in an hour-long operation involving the local fire department.

“Engine 4 and crew worked with Falmouth Police this afternoon to safely remove a dog stuck in a plastic culvert that was filled with ice,” Falmouth Fire-EMS posted on Facebook. “It took over an hour but the dog is out and ok! Great teamwork!”

Simmons said she suffered far more than the unabashed dog, who seemed to enjoy the attention and wasn’t fazed in the least by the predicament she caused.

“Our heroes!” Simmons posted on Facebook along with a photo of Fable kissing her rescuers. “Miss Fable had quite the adventure trying to dash through a drain pipe.”

“The far end was frozen solid, so these heroes helped her out, with the creative coating of dish soap to make her slippery. I was a wreck, but she was quite pleased with all the attention.”

“She is not even a tiny bit remorseful, but it took a year off my life.”

Fable was back to her regularly scheduled antics shortly after getting a bath.

“Kudos to the crew from Engine 4 along with Falmouth Police for working to free the young Golden Retriever from a drainage pipe earlier today,” the fire department posted later in an update.

In a comment on the department’s post, Simmons thanked the rescuers again for their services and said that Fable “hopes to make wiser decisions in the future.”

Via      The Western Journal

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