GOP Rep. Crenshaw Fires Back at ‘RINO’ Protests: ‘Angry Little Boys’

After his security team had to beat back a protester, Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas, ripped those who are calling him a “globalist RINO” (Republican in name only).

“This is what happens when angry little boys like @alexstein99 don’t grow up and can’t get girlfriends.” Crenshaw tweeted Saturday afternoon.

video posted to YouTube showed Crenshaw’s security team pushing back a protester who used the derogatory term and also called Crenshaw a despicable term Tucker Carlson coined: “Eyepatch McCain.”

The eyepatch reference was aimed at the veteran Crenshaw, who wears an eyepatch over his right eye, having been hit with shrapnel during his service in the Middle East and losing his right eye.

The McCain reference stems from late Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., who was famously a prisoner of war survivor and served as a moderate in Congress.

Crenshaw has been called a RINO and Eyepatch McCain mockingly by Fox News’ Carlson for Crenshaw’s moderate views.

Via          Newsmax

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