GOP Seeks to Ruin Biden’s Super Bowl Party with Brutal New Game Day Ad

The National Republican Congressional Committee wants to make sure Americans remember who to thank for the increase in costs to throw a Super Bowl party.

“Bidenflation is intercepting Americans’ paychecks,” NRCC spokesman Mike Berg said, according to Fox News. “Inflation is the Super Bowl party guest nobody asked for.”

Inflation took its biggest leap in 40 years in January, according to new figures released Friday that saw the Consumer Price Index rise by 7.5 percent.

Republicans call that “Bidenflation” and in a new ad are reminding Americans who caused prices to rise.

“Everything you need to kick off Super Bowl weekend just got more expensive,” the ad says. “Biden and House Democrats teamed up to create skyrocketing inflation.”

The ad reminds those who did not do the shopping for their Super Bow party how much they have been hit.

“Guacamole up 100 percent. Chicken wings up 26 percent. Burgers up 17 percent,” the ad says.

“Joe Biden’s inflation is intercepting your paycheck,” the ad concludes.

The last contention is borne out by the facts. Inflation-adjusted wages dropped 1.7% in January compared with a year before, making it the 10th month in a row when prices have gone up faster than wages.

Republicans on the House Ways and Means committee drove that point home, citing a Wall Street Journal report that states inflation costs the average household $276 a month.

Ryan Sweet, a senior economist at Moody’s Analytics, compared data from 2018 and 2019, when former President Donald Trump was in the White House, with 2022.

“A lot of people are hurting because of high inflation. $276 a month — that’s a big burden,” Sweet told the Wall Street Journal.

“It really hammers home the point of ‘what is the cost of inflation?’”

House Republicans of the House Ways and Means committee said inflation “hits poor and middle-income Americans the hardest.”

“The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and the Penn Wharton Budget Model have also estimated that President Biden’s inflation tax costs the typical family $5,000 a year, and hits the middle class and those just starting their career or families the hardest,” the House Republicans continued.

“With more than 60 percent of Main Street businesses reporting they were forced to raise their prices to keep up with inflation, which has reached the highest rate since 1982, economists are warning the U.S. is at risk of a wage-price spiral,” the panel’s Republicans said, adding “For working Americans, in one year, Democrats wiped out three years of wage gains through inflation.”

Via      The Western Journal

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