Host of ‘Meet the Press’ Finally Hits His Breaking Point on Biden’s Disastrous Presidency

According to Chuck Todd, President Joe Biden is struggling with a “credibility crisis” after spending months showing the country he has a propensity for being wrong on major issues, and that he has also unilaterally diminished the country’s standing on the global stage.

Todd, the host of “Meet the Press,” has actually appeared to hit his breaking point with Biden, judging by his interview on “Sunday TODAY” with Willie Geist on NBC News.

“Well, look, I think he’s got a pretty big credibility crisis on his hands, because all of these problems in some ways showed up after he said something basically the exact opposite,” Todd told Geist when asked how the White House intends to manage its own issues.

Geist, citing Biden’s Tuesday address to the United Nations General Assembly, appeared concerned about how Democrats will convince the world that the country can navigate through a turbulent eight months and remain a global leader.

Todd, a partisan political operative billed as a moderator on “Meet the Press,” hit Biden on a number of issues that have diminished the country at home and abroad.

Todd and Geist ripped Biden on multiple issues including angering the French after he excluded them from a recent arms sale, COVID vaccine boosters that will not be recommended by the Food and Drug Administration for most Americans, and even the border crisis.

The White House was also not given a pass by either NBC News personality over the fact that the U.S. military — under Biden’s watch — killed seven children with a drone in Kabul during the final days of the chaotic exit from Afghanistan last month.

Todd, when referring to the crises facing the country, reminded NBC’s viewers what seasoned politicians and conservatives across the country already know: Biden is almost always wrong.

“Afghanistan withdrawal: [Biden said it] wasn’t going to be messy, this wasn’t going to look like Saigon. The booster shots: [Biden] came out and he essentially said eight months, and even indicated maybe we should start it as soon as five months. Now, we’re not sure if anyone under 65 is going to get a booster shot,” he said.

“Of course, the border … We can talk about the border problems, you could say they’re years in the making, but it’s pretty clear we have a bigger problem now than we’ve had in years, and these policies have turned it into becoming a magnet.”

Todd concluded Biden would address the U.N. Tuesday from a weakened position over how he’s handled foreign policy and the enforcement of the country’s border laws.

“He’s got a lot of work to do. The UN speech, look, he’s got some credibility issues on the world stage. [He has to ensure] that people still view America as a, not just a stable democracy, but a competent leader of the free world right now. So look, he’s got a lot of work to do,” Todd said.

Beyond addressing the U.N., Todd opined that Biden’s only saving grace with disaffected Americans could be if his behemoth $3.5 trillion spending bill is passed.

“I think the next month’s going to probably still be tough for him politically, because he’s got to get this big bill through Congress. If he can get that thing passed, Willie, I think he can start to, you know, take a few breaths here a little bit, but he’s got a lot on the line here this month. That’s for sure,” Todd said.

It’s doubtful at this point the passage of a bill that spends more money the country doesn’t have would salvage Biden’s reputation with people who have seen firsthand the havoc the inept president can wreak with an ink pen. You know Democrats are in trouble when they’ve lost Geist and Todd.

Two men with no credibility both agree that Biden at this point has no credibility. These are two people who spent four years portraying the term of former President Donald Trump as one big crisis.

How much better off would the country be if the establishment media did not spend four years treating every move from Trump as if it were going to lead the country off a cliff? We’ll never know. But we do know that less than a year into Democratic Party rule of our government, chaos reigns.

And Biden has proved repeatedly throughout this year that everything he touches turns to ash. As that fact becomes apparent to even casual observers, not even NBC’s sycophants can — or will — cover for him anymore.

The situation is that critical.

Via  The Western Journal

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