Hunter Biden’s art show in L.A. attracts celebs, “conservatively wealthy” potential buyers

I’m not sure what a “conservatively wealthy” crowd is but that is how a writer who attended Hunter Biden’s first art show described those in attendance to the Daily Mail. About 200 people came to look at merchandise offered as Hunter’s latest grift and rub elbows with the president’s son. An ethics violation? Why do you ask?

Does anyone think that Hunter and his father will not know the identities of the purchasers? The whole reason Hunter is being allowed entry into the professional art world is because of his family name and access to the most powerful man on earth, hypothetically speaking. Hypothetically, Biden is running the White House and his administration though that is a topic open to debate. Case in point, one attendee admitted she came to see who would show up.

‘I wanted to see what the son of the president’s crowd would be, what that would be like,’ LA-based writer Hannah Bhuiya, who attended the event, told

‘Most people looked like they were conservatively wealthy and would look to be buying the work. I think that’s who was invited and who came.

‘It was a very conservative crowd, everyone dressed well but nothing crazy, definitely not a fashion party. I can’t tell who was a Democrat or Republican. You could just see there was power there.’

Hunter Biden’s crowd turned out to include World Champion boxer Sugar Ray Leonard, musician Moby who brought his pet dog and artist Shepard Fairey. Fairey created the Barack Obama Hope campaign poster that has since become a pop-culture icon. British performer Millie Brown and artist Gary Baseman were there. Also, there was Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. Hmm. Does the Mayor of Los Angele usually attend art shows for brand new artists? No. But Mayor Garcetti also happens to be Hunter’s dad’s nominee to be ambassador to India. He had to show up and support Hunter, right?

There was a large security presence. That shouldn’t have been a problem for Hunter. We know from files found on his discarded laptop computer that Hunter likes cameras.

Bhuiya said Secret Service agents were in every corner, noticeable but ‘discreet’.

‘You can tell because they all had wires in their ears. They were all wearing khaki trousers, but very discreet around the edges of the room,’ she said.

‘There were huge cameras filming every inch of the event waiting for something to happen. But it was an art opening like every other.

Besides his wife Melissa, two of Hunter’s daughters were there to support the First Son. His oldest daughter even posted a photo before the event began on her Instagram account. Perhaps the family vibe was to distract from the fact that Hunter is under federal investigation for money laundering. It took “chutzpah”, according to New York Post columnist Miranda Devine to hold the event at this time. Hey, isn’t artwork used in money laundering schemes? Oh, never mind. I’m sure Biden, Inc. is keeping everything legal and above board.

“We know that Hunter Biden is under investigation for money laundering, among other problems, and we know that the art world is notorious for being a venue for money laundering, so it really takes a lot of chutzpah for him to do this,” Devine told Carlson.

“But,” she went on, “that’s the byword I think for the Biden administration is shamelessness. It’s shameless that the president isn’t even pretending to distance himself from what is going on he keeps on hiding behind this mirage of being a kindly, fatherly family man when he’s been in on this influence-peddling enrichment program from the start.”

“His father is the president and whatever grift he’s up to, it’s really Joe Biden’s grift, the president’s grift and now it’s the White House’s grift, so is everyone’s problem, particularly the Democrats and anyone who goes to these Hunter Biden art shows,” Devine said.

“If they go, they are legitimizing what is really just a racket.”

I think Devine sums it all up very well. The Biden family members are master grifters. This isn’t just any new artist on the scene. It’s Hunter and remember that the Big Guy always gets 10%. Hunter is selling the family name for $75,000 to $500,000 a pop, one piece of art at a time. There is nothing normal about a new artist commanding that kind of price, especially when the artwork is compared to upscale coffee shop art. Say what they will, these will be considered political donations or the cost of currying favor with the Biden administration by the purchasers.

Sebastian Smee, the Washington Post’s Pulitzer Prize–winning art critic, likened Hunter’s art to that of ‘a cafe painter’ in a CNN interview.

‘You see a certain kind of art in coffee shops, and some of it is OK and a lot of it is bad, and sometimes it’s surprisingly good. But you wouldn’t, unless you were related to the artist, spend more than $1,000 on it,’ Smee said.

While the New York Times described Hunter’s pieces as ‘leaning towards the surreal,’ Smee jibed: ‘People sometimes say ‘surreal’ when they mean ‘random.’

“Random”. Indeed. None of this passes the smell test. Everyone knows it. Hunter is hiding behind the fact he is a private citizen, not working in the White House. The press will treat this as perfectly innocent. The same happened with Hunter’s laptop files – nothing to see here, just move along. Biden, Inc. smiles all the way to the bank.

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