Illegal Immigrants Cross Border, Issue a Devastating Message for Joe Biden: Report

As the crisis at the United States’ southern border drags on, President Joe Biden and his administration have attempted to distance themselves from the problem. Unfortunately for them, many illegal immigrants are putting the blame for their actions directly on Biden’s shoulders.

“We thank him very much,” migrants in Yuma, Arizona, told the Daily Caller this month, according to a report Wednesday.

As a general rule, it is not a particularly good look for a president to be praised by criminals for enabling their crimes.

Daily Caller contributor Jorge Ventura said he encountered migrants in the Yuma sector from a multitude of countries, including Haiti, Mexico, Cuba and even Uzbekistan.

He reported most of the migrants entered the United States from Los Algodones, Mexico, via the Colorado River through an area known as “The Gap.”

In August, Border Patrol agents encountered 17,097 migrants in the Yuma sector alone, according to Todd Bensman of the Center for Immigration Studies. That is a more than 2,000 percent increase from August 2020, when agents encountered just 694 migrants.

Ventura tweeted on Oct. 8 that the flow of migrants into Yuma was “constant.”

In addition, he said he saw a bus full of Nicaraguan migrants being dropped off on the Mexico side of the Colorado River before crossing the U.S. border.

“Just witnessed a bus on the Mexican side drop off Nicaraguan migrants at the Colorado River and they crossed illegally into Yuma, Arizona,” Ventura said. “Migrants say they took this bus from Mexicali. Here is a picture of that ticket.”


On Tuesday, Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina visited Yuma and said the scene was every bit as bad as described.

“There’s a belief that if you get here and turn yourself in, you never leave America. … Yuma, Arizona, is going to be the next Del Rio,” Graham said, referring to the Texas border town that’s been besieged by illegal immigrants.


By the migrants’ own admission, the Biden administration is to thank for the current crisis. As illegal immigrants continue to discover more loopholes along the border, Biden becomes more and more culpable.

During former President Donald Trump’s tenure, he was accused of behaving too harshly toward migrants seeking refuge in the United States. The truth of that accusation is debatable, but at the very least his strategy was effective.

When the Daily Caller asked one Colombian migrant whether he had attempted to illegally cross the border during the Trump administration, he said he “didn’t even want to try.”

Now, migrants feel they will be welcomed with open arms at the border, and they are thanking Biden once they get here.

That contrast is a concerning picture of the state of our country under Biden.

Via      The Western Journal

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