Meet the CEO Who Put His Company on the Line to Stand Up to Lia Thomas-Style Trans Agenda

Womanhood is being attacked, maligned and mocked in our culture.

It is an attempt to undermine that which cannot be otherwise: “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them” (Genesis 1:27). It is an attempt to erase the Christian understanding of humanity. It is an attempt to usurp truth with a lie.

Enemies of faith — and common sense — are enemies of humanity. It’s that simple. Who will stand to defend the sacred from the profane?

“Is a woman a history of achievements quickly being erased?” asks the woman who narrates the video. And she’s not done asking questions. “Is a woman a warrior who fought for her place? Is that now being taken away?”

As the questions continue, we see footage of women competing in sports and of a mother holding her newborn baby. These images are interrupted by superimposed headlines such as “Lia Thomas becomes first transgender woman to win an NCAA swimming championship” and “Biden admin replaces ‘mothers’ with ‘birthing people’ in maternal health guidance.”

The video also shows footage of Sen. Marsha Blackburn asking Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, “Can you provide a definition for the word ‘woman’?” The reply: “No, I can’t.”

Those who dare to disagree with the leftist orthodoxy risk the wrath of the Twitter mob. Erasing womanhood, it would seem, requires silencing differing views. In other words, erasing womanhood requires undermining free speech.

Ilan Srulovicz, CEO of Egard, is not afraid. He has the courage to speak out.

“We made the video because we felt it absolutely necessary at this time to support women,” Srulovicz told The Western Journal. “Three years ago we made an ad called ‘What Is a Man?’ in support of masculinity. Since then womanhood has been under attack and even erased to some extent.

“It seems as though corporate America is catering to the trend and unwilling to speak up for women,” Srulovicz said, “so we decided to put out a video hoping that it would be a door opening for other companies to walk through.”

Corporate giants such as DisneyAmazon and Netflix routinely promote LGBT causes. Why aren’t more companies that hold different values speaking up like Egard? Is it out of fear of being boycotted? Indifference? A reluctance to mix business and politics? Whatever it is, it needs to stop before humanity is no longer recognizable.

“How long do we sit idly by and not stand for the sacred value of womanhood as it loses all meaning?” Egard’s video asks. “Womanhood is a birthright.” That’s the truth.

The door’s open. Everything is at stake. Those who would defend the biblical truth of womanhood — and in doing so truth itself — better stand up and walk through the door Egard has opened before it’s too late.

Via          The Western Journal

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