NASCAR Driver’s Killer Shot

Law enforcement on Saturday told TMZ that Trent William Millsap, the man who allegedly killed NASCAR driver Bobby East, was shot to death in an officer-involved shooting after a SWAT team executed a search warrant at an Anaheim, California-area apartment on Friday.

On Wednesday, 37-year-old NASCAR driver Bobby East was fatally stabbed at a California gas station. Millsap was being sought in connection to the stabbing, which occurred, at the time of East’s murder.

The two got into an altercation while East was pumping gas. It is unclear what sparked the argument, but sources say at that point, Millsap, 27, stuck a sharp object inside East’s chest. Reports say, Millsap, a drifter who was out on parole, then fled the scene.

Paramedics took East to the local hospital, but soon after, he was pronounced dead.

Via          Newsmax

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