Open Borders Biden balances campaign promises with revised Remain in Mexico policy

The Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) commonly referred to as the Remain in Mexico program was eliminated by Joe Biden on his first day in office. He promised during his presidential campaign that he would scrap the Trump administration’s policies to secure the southern border against waves of illegal migrants expecting to be admitted into the United States. Biden’s tendency to favor open borders was apparent to those seeking a chance to cross the southern border and they began their journey before he was even inaugurated. Since then we know what has happened. We’ve seen record numbers of migrants crossing over the border.

A federal judge ruled that the Remain in Mexico program must be reinstated by the Biden administration. The Supreme Court refused to rule against the federal judge’s order. So, with a bad track record so far in court, the Biden administration is now looking into a “kinder, gentler” Remain in Mexico program. Remain in Mexico lite, if you will. Nothing has even been officially proposed yet but the open borders crowd is already lodging their complaints. The administration is only now opening talks with Mexico.

“One of his campaign promises was to end MPP. He did that. He should stand by that,” said Marielena Hincapié, executive director of National Immigration Law Center. “The answer is not to simply find a gentler, kinder MPP 2.0. That completely flies in the face of his promise.”

DHS is putting the program back in place because of the court order but it promises to continue its appeals. Mostly though, DHS is appeasing its lefty critics.

In a statement last week, DHS indicated it would appeal the ruling in the courts but did not mention trying to end the program a second time using different reasoning.

“DHS has appealed the district court’s order and will continue to vigorously challenge it,” it said. “As the appeals process continues, however, DHS will comply with the order in good faith.”

Administration officials have declined to share specific plans for the future of the program, however, leaving those seeking asylum at the southern border in limbo once again.

The Biden administration never shares specific plans when it announces even the possibility of policy changes. It makes sweeping statements to try to please everyone yet there are never any details offered. This way, the administration thinks it will not be held accountable. What it really does is expose the fact that this administration is incompetent and ill-prepared to handle any crisis, especially one as severe as Biden’s border crisis. The administration is allowing single males to be expelled upon apprehension at the border but allows in minors and most families. This has accelerated human trafficking and the power of coyotes and cartels to make millions of dollars off the porous southern border. The humanitarian crisis at the border cannot be understated. Young children are being sent over the border alone, dumped to wait for Border Patrol agents to come and find them, or local law enforcement officers. Even the open borders advocates are frustrated by the tweaks Biden is making to policy.

“The most frustrating part of the last eight months has been just the constantly changing policies and situations on the border, particularly for the asylum seekers because they’re on the other side thinking that … ‘if we wait, Biden is going to eventually open up the ports of entry and allow us in,’” said Robyn Barnard, senior advocacy counsel for refugee protection at Human Rights First.

Advocates for the migrants are advising Mexico to not restart the program. The Biden administration is looking into using the Remain in Mexico program for a small number of illegal migrants as they work to improve living conditions at the border and to provide better access to attorneys. Again, there is no explanation of who the small group of migrants in the program would be.

Former ICE Director Tom Homan said today on FNC that the mid-term elections are on the horizon and the Biden administration is still struggling with getting the southern border under control. The news coming from the border continues to be bad. Homan said it hasn’t been announced yet but the number of apprehensions at the border will be more than 200,000 again. That, along with Biden’s horrendous handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan and the coronavirus pandemic are all bad news for Democrats running for office.

There have already been more than 1 million border apprehensions this year. Biden shut down every tool available for securing the border without having alternatives. His plan all along was to just open up the border and come what may. This is a dereliction of duty – the duty to secure the country and protect its sovereign borders. Biden thinks of it as an act of humanitarianism to not enforce immigration laws. It’s the opposite, as the humanitarian crisis on the border shows.

One tool the Biden administration is using is electronic surveillance. Biden will try to take credit for it but this was first tested by the Trump administration in 2018 in the San Diego Sector of the border. Now it is being installed in the El Paso Sector.

The high-tech watch poles known as Autonomous Surveillance Towers are powered by solar energy and use artificial intelligence to detect movement along a two-mile radius, sending the information in real-time to agents patrolling the area.

And they’re now being installed at different points along the nearly 2,000 miles of the US-Mexico border.

“The ASTs are in remote locations that are difficult to reach,” Border Patrol agent Joel Freeland recently told The Post. “They operate 24-hours a day and are environmentally friendly because they rely entirely on solar power.”

The point is that Joe Biden has no new ideas. His administration is not up to the job, whether it is border security or any other crisis. We were told it would be a return to normal, the grown-ups would be in charge again, and that the Biden administration would be filled with seasoned professionals. These professionals, though, are all the worst the government had to offer. This is your frequent reminder that Joe Biden has been historically wrong on making decisions, especially on foreign policy, but also on domestic policy as we all see now. The damage done to the country in such a short amount of time by this administration is not boding well for the rest of Biden’s term.

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