Public School Curriculum Asks Kids to Pretend They Are Gay, Role-Play Plan to Have Sex: Graphic Content Warning

The public school system isn’t just failing — it has become near irredeemably corrupt.

This is especially the case at Minnesota’s Richfield Public Schools district, where one program being used by the school district reportedly directs school children to role-play as gay and transgender children. During the curriculum’s role-play, the students are then asked to decide whether or not to have sex with one another.

According to Alpha News, the program is called “3Rs,” which stands for “rights, respect, responsibility,” and was developed by Advocates for Youth, an organization that partners with Planned Parenthood. The program has curricula available for a variety of ages, but this particularly outrageous exercise was intended for 9th-grade students, according to one parent in the school district.

The student playing Morgan is told “Terence has dated girls and seems straight, but he also seems attracted to you. Last week, you bumped into him in the laundry room in your building and after a lot of ‘accidental touches’ you ended up kissing.”

The scenario gets even more explicit for the student playing Terence, who is told, “You date girls you like, but haven’t done much sexually with them; you’ve kissed a couple of them, but didn’t find it very exciting. Now you feel very attracted to Morgan.”

“When you kissed him last week, it felt wonderful, but also confusing. You just can’t stop thinking about Morgan and imagining his touch. You think you want to have sex with him, but you don’t want your family or friends to find out, because they would disapprove.”

After receiving these prompts, the students are told by the curriculum to — as their characters — talk to each other “about what’s going on” and then “make a decision about whether to have sex.”

The curriculum choice was heavily criticized by parents of the children who had to review these overtly sexual exercises in the school district’s recent board meeting.


While this all may sound very shocking, those of us well-versed in left-wing indoctrination saw this sort of child-sexualization coming from a mile away.

After all, the foundation for many modern-day sexual dedication courses is gender theory — the academic philosophy responsible for the left’s obsession with transgender issues — which, from its inception, has promoted the sexualization of children.

John Money, the psychologist whose work serves as the bedrock of gender theory, was known to have made two young brothers role-play as a couple as they pretended to perform sex acts on one another.

In other words, the left’s sex and gender craze has always been intrinsically tied to the sexual abuse and exploitation of young children. The news coming out of Richfield Public Schools is only the latest in a long line of examples.

Despite this, it wasn’t too long ago when if one was to say that the left’s goal is to sexualize children, that person would be ridiculed.

Well, no one’s laughing anymore.

Today, the left isn’t planning on sexualizing children — they are actively doing so.

Via  The Western Journal

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