Rep. Mo Brooks to Newsmax: ‘Floodgates Open Under Biden’

The Biden administration and anyone in Congress who supports the lack of operational control over the southern border are showing they ”don’t give a darn” about the impact on U.S. citizens, according to Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Ala., on Newsmax.

”Unfortunately, the Democrats are for this invasion,” Brooks said on Monday’s ”Stinchfield,” declaring that ”the floodgates are open” under President Joe Biden.

”They don’t give a darn about the adverse effect on American citizens. They’re just telling the rest of America, live with it. It’s coming. There’s nothing you can do to stop it. Well, I’ve got news to them: Elections are just around the corner and 2022, you’re out of here,” he said.

Brooks, who is running for U.S. Senate in Alabama in the 2022 midterm election, told host Grant Stinchfield that Democrats have fought against the use of the term ”invasion” for illegal immigration, but they have also fought to make it easier to break the law at the U.S.-Mexico border.

”If you look up the dictionary definition of the word ‘invasion,’ what you’re seeing covers it,” Brooks said. ”And so I would encourage each and every state governor that’s on the southern border to demand that the United States government fulfill its obligations to protect them from this invasion.

”And failing that, then I would urge each of these governors to protect their own borders.”

The job of securing our borders lies with the president, but state leaders need to take action since the Biden administration has not, Brooks said.

”I believe it’s incumbent that we hold Joe Biden as president on the United States responsible for this gross violation of the United States Constitution and impeach him now,” Brooks said, noting that Democrats in Congress will not hold their president accountable for anything he has done or failed to do.

Illegal immigration is big business for not only Mexican drug cartels, but perhaps U.S. labor lobbyists, too, according to Brooks.

”Let’s be clear: The very first action of an illegal alien on American soil is to spit on our laws and our Constitution; they are flaunting our laws are disregarding our laws,” Brooks said.

”But we ought to understand, too, that the burden, the responsibility rests, with Joe Biden and the United States Congress, and those different special interest groups around the country that lobby Congress intensely for cheap foreign labor, rather than hiring American citizens or whatever market wages may be.”

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