RNC Fires National Spokesman Dennard

The Republican National Committee has fired one of its national spokesman, Paris Dennard, according to two sources familiar with the instance.

“Paris Dennard no longer works for the RNC. We don’t comment on personnel matters,” RNC chief of staff Mike Reed stated, according to Politico.

One of the sources familiar with the matter said Dennard was fired this week. So far, Dennard has not offered a comment.

In the past, Dennard has served in a range of political positions. A veteran of George W. Bush’s administration, Dennard was a high-profile supporter of former President Donald Trump. During Trump’s 2020 campaign, Dennard served on the advisory board of Black Voices for Trump, an initiative to garner Black votes and support. He began working for the RNC in March 2020.

Via              Newsmax

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