Santa Barbara School Officials Quit After Grooming, ‘Ethnic Studies’ Scandal

Two administrators in the Santa Barbara, California, school system have resigned after it was exposed how a Communist-supporting ”ethnic studies” teacher was convicted of battery against a girl in class yet influenced school policy even after that.

The Daily Wire reported that Shawn Carey, assistant superintendent for secondary education, and Brian Rowse, chief information officer, announced their resignations this week.

The Daily Wire previously released a three-part series exposing the scandal, where ”an illegal immigrant whom The Daily Wire referred to with the pseudonym of Maria because she is a minor and the victim of abuse – also alleged that Jennifer Freed, a ‘social emotional learning’ guru, pressured her to drop the charges against the teacher, Matef Harmachis.

”Freed denied the allegation, though she has boasted that she holds group sessions for school girls in which she talks to them about sex. Harmachis was convicted of battery, but later called the teen a ‘Karen.”’

Carey will take a new position as the county education office’s director of school and district support.

After a lobbying campaign where both Harmachis and Carey served on an ”Ethnic Studies Consortium,” the district required all students to take ethnic studies. Maria then sued the school system alleging a pattern of ”grooming,” and the district said it was shocked to see that Harmachis was still involved.

As the Daily Wire continued, ”Harmachis was highly visible at school board meetings and even in newspaper photos peddling ethnic studies to students.” In 2020, Carey created a group roster that listed both Harmachis and Carey, after Harmachis’ criminal conviction.

Carey also oversaw the Local Control and Accountability Plan fund, which the district used to bring groups of ideological nonprofits into schools.

Before he was fired in 2020, approximately three years after he was charged, Harmachis ”preached his militant beliefs to a captive audience of students in a classroom adorned with pictures of communist killers like Fidel Castro and Che Guevara.

”He took his adopted surname from the name of a god worshipped by an ancient Egyptian cult, and worked to exclude Jews from the status of oppressed people in California’s state-wide curriculum,” the Daily Wire added.

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