Trump: ‘Lyin’ Cassidy Hutchinson’ Called Jan. 6 Probe ‘B.S.’

After a new report of text messages from the House Jan. 6 Select Committee’s “surprise” witness showed Cassidy Hutchinson called the investigation “bs,” former President Donald Trump has come out to shed light on the irony.

“Lyin’ Cassidy Hutchinson, who the fake news media refuses to properly reveal, recently called the January 6 Unselect Committee ‘B.S.’ Gee, that wasn’t reported by LameStream!” Trump wrote Monday on Truth Social.

Trump’s post comes after the Daily Caller reported an exclusive from text messages from Hutchinson earlier this year.

“I had to accept service because the U.S. Marshalls came to my apartment last Wednesday, but I haven’t made contact with the committee,” a February text from Hutchinson to a redacted recipient read, according to the report. “I’m just on a tight timeline and just trying to figure out what my options are to deal with this bs.”

Cassidy had recently changed lawyers, Trump previously posted on Truth Social, alleging her testimony from behind closed doors to the committee also changed when she testified as the “surprise” witness Tuesday, June 28.

Cassidy was a junior staffer for former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows. She made claims in public hearings for the Jan. 6 committee that Trump denounced in an exclusive interview on Newsmax last week. Trump said Hutchinson was a disgruntled castoff from the post-White House Trump team.

Trump called out the Biden Justice Department for not investigating Hutching for “lying under oath.”

Via          Newsmax

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