U.S. Intelligence Community Already Knows that Covid Came from the Chinese Bio Lab

Why did the Biden Administration suddenly reverse course and order the U.S. intelligence community to “investigate the origins of the Covid-19 pandemic?” Especially doing this policy backflip less than 24 hours after White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki insisted that any investigation should be done an international organization. It can only mean one thing–new intelligence has emerged confirming what many in the intelligence community knew last year. In the spring of 2020, friends in the IC told me that the Covid-19 pandemic was the fault of the Chinese Government. I subsequently wrote about this on 13 April 2020.

Apart from the complaints from both Chinese leaders and U.S. politicians in which each side blames the other for the outbreak and spread of Corona, . . . the simple, horrible truth–the global spread of Corona 19 was a deliberate, conscious act by the Chinese Communist government to weaken the West, especially the United States. But there is another part of the story that has received little attention from the media and most pundits–the US Government, with DOJ leading the charge, is going after some very intriguing Chinese intelligence operatives.

President Trump was hearing the same thing from the IC. He knew from some IC briefings, as did Secretary of State Pompeo, that Covid-19 was not the result of infected “meat” from the Wuhan wet market. It was created in a lab under the control of the Chinese military. But Trump’s repeated attempts to warn the American people were thwarted by many in the print and electronic media who conspired–wittingly or unwittingly–with the Chinese Government to quash the truth. They labeled Trump’s claim as a “baseless” conspiracy theory.

But it was not just the media. Key members of the IC also pitched in to sabotage Trump’s credibility on the matter by leaking to the media info intended to debunk Trump’s claim about Covid-19’s Chinese origin. Remember this:

President Donald Trump contradicted a rare on-the-record statement from his own intelligence community by claiming Thursday that he has seen evidence that gives him a “high degree of confidence” the novel coronavirus originated in a laboratory in Wuhan, China, but declined to provide details to back up his assertion.

The comments undercut a public statement from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence issued just hours earlier which stated no such assessment has been made and continues to “rigorously examine” whether the outbreak “began through contact with infected animals or if it was the result of an accident at a laboratory in Wuhan.”
Biden’s request this week for the IC to launch a deeper “investigation” presents a new dilemma for the intelligence community. If they admit that the Chinese Government is responsible for the creation and release of Covid-19 they will be confirming that China committed a casus belli, not just against the United States, but the rest of the world. There will be great pressure to retaliate.
What if the IC decides to whitewash the matter? That will be difficult to do. With the credibility of the IC now on the line given the DNI’s previous denial Covid originated in a lab, the IC–. The individual agencies that comprise the IC are not likely to cover for each other. Any effort to suppress “evidence” will likely be resisted furiously.

What kind of evidence may emerge from this new investigation? We now are in a position to examine whether or not the virus was man-made. If the Covid-19 virus shows clear evidence of being synthesized then that rules out the “Wet Market” hypothesis. Once you establish that Covid-19 was created in a lab that will raise the next question–who paid for it? Will any evidence emerge showing that Anthony Fauci’s operation sent money, directly or indirectly, to an organization that conducted gain of function research? That is just one question that IC ought too answer as it launches a more in-depth investigation of the origin and spread of Covid.

The ultimate issue will be the question of accountability. What persons and/or institutions facilitated the creation and subsequent spread of this dead virus? Once identified they must be called to account. With millions dead that is likely to be an expensive bill to pay.

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