Unprecedented Effort to Whip January 6 Into Nation’s Top Priority Hidden in Biden’s Budget Request

Democrats believe that when something isn’t working, they simply must do more of it.

After more than a year of mining the political fool’s gold of the Jan. 6 incursion at the U.S. Capitol, the new Department of Justice budget proves they’re still not ready to give up on that narrative.

According to the White House budget release, the DOJ requested $37.7 billion in its discretionary funding, an increase of more than $4.2 billion that amounts to 13 percent more than what it received in 2021.

Moreover, Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco made it clear that Jan. 6 will remain on its list of priorities.

“The Jan. 6 investigation is among the most wide-ranging and most complex that this department has ever undertaken,” Monaco said while answering a question after giving her remarks about the Fiscal Year 2023 Funding Request.

“It reaches nearly every U.S. attorney’s office, nearly every FBI field office,” Monaco said. “We’ve charged more than 750 cases, and we’ve charged unprecedented conspiracies and the use of rare tools like the seditious conspiracy statute,” she boasted.

“Regardless of whatever resources we seek or get, let’s be very, very clear: We are going to continue to do those cases,” Monaco continued.

“We are going to hold those perpetrators accountable, no matter where the facts lead us, [and] as the attorney general has said, no matter at what level. We will do those cases,” she promised.

This is no shock considering the way the government has been in relentless pursuit of anyone who was even in close proximity to the Capitol building that day when a group of former President Donald Trump’s supporters breached the building.

Though the narrative has been that right-wing extremists attempted to overthrow the government in a deadly insurrection, the evidence so far has not supported that claim.

The only person who died a violent death that day was Ashli Babbitt, the unarmed woman who was shot to death by a Capitol police officer, and at least one man’s recent acquittal came after video evidence proved that some officers were letting people into the building.

Still, President Joe Biden’s Justice Department is planning to ask for an unprecedented amount of money for the sole purpose of mining whatever it can from the events of that day.

Monaco admitted that pursuing these cases “draws on resources from across the U.S. attorneys’ offices — those same resources that are needed to fight violent crime, those same resources that are needed to investigate corporate crime across the country,” she pointed out.

“Those same resources that are going to help us enforce our civil rights laws,” Monaco admitted.

The problem for the left is that it has backed itself into a corner by relying on this singular event for political gains.

In the face of rising crime, inflation, soaring gas prices, war and instability around the globe, the only thing Democrats have to counter with is a retread of the same incident that — though ugly — is not at all the win they wanted it to be.

The problem is that Biden is an unmitigated disaster, Vice President Kamala Harris is a political liability and the 2022 midterm elections are shaping up to be an electoral bloodbath for the Democrats because they have run the country into the ground.

But, like the fools they are, they will continue to attempt to curry favor with the American people by keeping Jan. 6 in the forefront — all while the American people foot the bill for it.

Via        The Western Journal

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