Watch: Biden Forgets His HHS Secretary’s Name: ‘Xavier…uh…Mr. Secretary’

President Joe Biden on Friday momentarily forgot the name of his own Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, Xavier Becerra, as he continues to struggle mentally.

Not since Thursday, when Biden’s brain malfunctioned as he attempted to explain his non-existent role in the 2011 killing of terror leader Osama bin Laden, had the 78-year-old Democrat so thoroughly embarrassed himself in front of the country and world.

Biden on Thursday asked Becerra, a man taped just months ago to run HHS, to accompany him as he signed a new executive order intended to make business more “competitive.

The problem was, Biden couldn’t seem to recall Becerra’s name — although he did get part of it right.

“Xavier — Mr. Secretary — you can come up, too,” Biden awkwardly said.

“I’ve been watching you on television, you’ve been really good,” he said as laughter broke out among the enemy of the people establishment media reporters in the room.

The moment might have been funny if Biden weren’t tasked with being the leader of the free world and for digging the country out of the hole he’s put it in. But the left-wing drones whose job it is to lie to the American people by pretending Biden is some clumsy everyman, and not a person in need of cognitive testing, giggled.

Biden appears to be struggling more every day as his administration, and he himself, is unraveling right in front of the world. For every new crisis this administration creates, Biden overshadows it by appearing himself to be in crisis. The president struggles with dates, names and to generally recall information.

Then, there is the issue of the embellishments, exaggerations and outright lies.

Last week, Biden told the Major League Baseball World Series champion Los Angeles Dodgers that he hit a ball 368 feet while at-bat at a congressional baseball game in the early 1970s. That event never happened.

Thursday, he took a victory lap for the killing of bin Laden in 2011, despite the fact that, by his own admission in 2012, he opposed the raid that killed the monster. Biden bumbled his way through the victory lap.

In March, Biden forgot the name of his own Defense Secretary, Lloyd Austin, as well as the Pentagon. He referred to the unforgettable building as “that outfit over there.”

There is little doubt Biden knows where the headquarters for the Defense Department is in relation to the White House. But does anyone really believe this man could point north if he were holding a compass?

Biden is lost — both mentally and as a leader. As a result, freedom-loving people across the world are themselves seeking direction that the White House can no longer offer.

While Becerra, in Biden’s defense, is a forgettable face, the president has at a minimum a responsibility to remember the names and identities of the people he appoints to make and enforce policies that affect millions of people.

Of course, memory is no longer Biden’s strong suit.

Via The Western Journal

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