Work/Life Balance Satisfaction Main Reason Employees Stay

The top reason employees working at the same job for at least five years stay is enjoying a great work/life balance, with 48% citing that as the major factor, according to a survey carried out by Joblist.

Close behind as reasons for employees staying at their current jobs was job security (47%) and good work environment (46%).

Other results from the poll include:

  • Women (51%) were more likely than men (44%) to stay at their current job due to a favorable work/life balance.
  • 41 percent of long-term employees are considering leaving for a higher salary, and more than half of those tenured have received a raise in salary to convince them not to leave.
  • 1 in 4 tenured employees say their boss has begged them personally to remain at the company.
  • On average, long-term employees said they would leave their jobs for a salary increase of 52%.
  • Having a good vacation policy and health care coverage are more important to long-term employees than having a high salary.
  • Of employees reporting “excellent” or “good” satisfaction regarding facets of work, 85% said that three to four years of job tenure was the best for high overall job satisfaction.
  • Concerning job security, mental health and productivity, however, the longer the tenure the better, as employees with at least five years of tenure were most likely to be very satisfied with these three factors.
  • Newer employees (those working at their current job for two years or less) were the least satisfied across the board.
  • Of those who were considering searching for a new job, 45% were men compared to 36% who were women.

The poll surveyed 1,001 full-time employees, with 53% of respondents men and 47% women. Survey data have certain limitations related to self-reporting.

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