Sen. Lindsey Graham to Newsmax: Biden Only ‘Person to Blame Here’

President Joe Biden’s unconditional withdrawal from Afghanistan was a failure “trifecta from hell,” Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., told Newsmax.

“There’s only one option available to America: Fight the war in the enemy’s backyard, and not ours, partner with people who are willing to fight with you,” Graham said Monday on “Eric Bolling: The Balance.

“Joe Biden has put America at risk. He’s doomed tens of thousands of people to a terrible death. There’s one person to blame here above all others. That’s President Biden.”

Graham was a bit heated when host Eric Bolling showed CNN video of a jihadist vowing not to back down in spreading radical Islamic rule throughout the world.

“When you hear of  [the] Taliban, think of al-Qaida. When you hear al-Qaida, think of 9/11,” Graham told Bolling, adding that the Taliban cannot be trusted to keep terrorists from rising in the country and waging jihad on the U.S. in the future.

“It was all avoidable. There’s nobody to blame. Trump had a conditions-based withdrawal. Joe Biden turned down sound military advice yet again, and what you see is what you see.”

Most egregious in the Taliban takeover, Graham added, was the release of “homicidal” maniacs determined to kill in the name of their radical version of Islam.

“By releasing these prisoners, you’ve let out thousands of hard jihadists — some foreign fighters — who will not only secure Afghanistan under medieval conditions, they will be coming after us,” Graham said.

The saving grace for the United States is that Afghans do not trust their new Taliban leaders and will potentially rise up against them.

“The Taliban are hated by the Afghan people,” Graham concluded. “There’s going to be pushback, and we need to empower that pushback.

“Here’s the good news: Most people in Afghanistan are not buying this. We need to help them because it helps us. If you leave these people alone and let them gather up, we’ll get hit with another 9/11.”

Via  Newsmax

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