Trump Sends Unmistakable Message to Biden Over Afghanistan: Resign Now

Former President Donald Trump torpedoed President Joe Biden, saying the 78-year-old career politician should “resign in disgrace” over his poorly executed, unconditional withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan.

Trump said Biden must step down because he’s failing the country both internationally and domestically, from decimating the economy to eroding America’s energy independence to not securing the southern border.

“It is time for Joe Biden to resign in disgrace for what he has allowed to happen to Afghanistan, along with the tremendous surge in COVID, the Border catastrophe, the destruction of energy independence, and our crippled economy,” the former president said Sunday via his Save America PAC.

Trump suggested that a real leader would’ve executed the pullout in an organized, strategic manner, but Biden failed because he “wasn’t elected legitimately in the first place!”


He followed that up with a tweet Monday morning that read, “First Joe Biden surrendered to COVID and it has come roaring back. Then he surrendered to the Taliban, who has quickly overtaken Afghanistan and destroyed confidence in American power and influence.

“The outcome in Afghanistan, including the withdrawal, would have been totally different if the Trump Administration had been in charge.

“Who or what will Joe Biden surrender to next? Someone should ask him, if they can find him.”

Over the weekend, Taliban terrorists quickly took control of most of the country in anticipation of Biden’s promised, unconditional troop withdrawal by Sept. 11.

U.S. soldiers have been in Afghanistan since 2001. Many Americans — including Trump — believe it is long past time to end the bloody, pointless, $2 trillion Afghan war.

But chaos is erupting because Biden did not have a strategy to withdraw U.S. forces in a calculated manner that wouldn’t compromise our soldiers or allies.

His haphazard pullout has emboldened the Taliban and ignited panic among civilians, many of whom helped U.S. forces during the past two decades.

As the New York Post noted, Trump maintained “U.S. fighter jets and armed drones at Bagram airbase and used them to keep the Taliban in check.”

In contrast, “Biden ordered the midnight evacuation of the airbase on July 5 without even notifying the Afghan military. Not surprisingly, within hours the Taliban had looted the base and today our remaining troops have no U.S. air cover.”

Terrified locals were seen rushing for the exits because of Biden’s failed leadership.



Republican senatorial candidate Sean Parnell, a decorated combat veteran, slammed Biden’s inexcusable weakness, which has exposed America’s jugular to its enemies.

In another jaw-dropping turn of events, Biden — who’s vacationing amid numerous crises — plans to address the nation “in the next few days” about the Afghanistan disaster he inflamed, CNN reported Sunday.

The chaos erupting now isn’t surprising since the Taliban threatened Biden back in March, warning that they would retaliate if he reneged on the conditions-based May 1 withdrawal deadline that Trump had negotiated.

Suhail Shaheen, a member of the Taliban negotiation team, told reporters that if U.S. forces were still in Afghanistan after May 1, it “will have a reaction.” That’s what we’re seeing now.

During his presidency, Trump made ending the $2 trillion Afghan war a top priority and negotiated the May 1 deadline for a full U.S. troop withdrawal.

Since then, the Taliban has not attacked U.S. or NATO troops — marking the first time in two decades that no American soldier died in combat in Afghanistan for an entire year.

This was a significant milestone as 2,300 U.S. service members have died in Afghanistan since the war began in 2001, according to


Parnell said Biden had opportunistically pushed back the withdrawal deadline to Sept. 11 — the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks — in order to stage a faux “victory” lap for his flailing administration.

“It didn’t have to be this way,” he said. “Instead of following the Trump’s withdrawal plan, which allowed for a conditions-based withdrawal, which was set to happen in May, Biden decided to scrap the conditions and push the withdrawal back to 9/11 for purely political reasons.”

Left-wing Twitter users thought they were dunking on Trump by pointing out that he also wanted to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan.

But the issue isn’t troop drawbacks; it is the haphazard, incompetent way Biden bungled this delicate operation that has ignited a volcanic backlash.

Via  The Western Journal

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