Thunberg at COP 26 sings “You can shove your climate crisis up your” … Brandon?

The COP 26 conference in Glasgow sure looks like a snore, doesn’t it? Who can blame Sleepy Joe for nodding off yesterday during the conference? Chalk it up to another embarrassing moment from Biden abroad but it’s easy to feel his pain. It’s a lot easier to be the lecturer than the audience during a virtue-signaling screed from one world leader or another. After all, they are all saying the same thing.

In the end, this conference comprised of climate alarmists from across the globe will conclude as it does every year. World leaders promise to put extreme measures into place to achieve extreme control over greenhouse emissions and capture more carbon yet it all fades away as real-world reality slaps them in the face upon return to their home countries. Using the United States as an example, Biden is in Scotland trying to act as though he is doing big things to battle climate change in America. The reality? Not so much. His wish list, the reconciliation bill that contains “social spending” infrastructure plans for over $1.7T American taxpayer funding. Part of the bill is throwing money down a rabbit hole toward the climate alarmist agenda. The reconciliation bill is just sitting there in Congress, waiting to be finalized and voted on. A final version wasn’t available to be brought to a vote before Biden left for Europe last week. Its text is still not finished. Biden is in Europe, empty-handed, and Democrats are in complete disarray on Capitol Hill.

Enter the face of green teens everywhere – Greta Thunberg. Both teens and progressive adults (especially those in the media who cover her) can’t get enough of her. Or, can they? She may be wearing out her welcome these days. In order to spice things up a bit, the eighteen-year-old professional protester led a teen rally yesterday in a little ditty set to the melody of ” ‘She’ll Be Coming ‘Round The Mountain When She Comes’. Her version uses “You can shove your climate crisis up your ass” instead of the song’s real refrain. Her young fans lapped it up and joined in.

Apparently, the teenager is impatient, as usual, with the time the grown-ups are spending jawing about climate change and not spending enough time on action. During her first speech at a teen rally, she said as much and laced a little more profanity into her rant.

“Inside Cop there are politicians pretending to take our future seriously,” Thunberg told the gathering in Cessnock’s Festival Park. “We say no more blah-blah-blah, no more exploitation of people, nature and the planet. No more whatever the f*** they’re doing inside there.”

Classic Greta, amirite? Anyway, it is being reported that some of the other green teens are growing a bit weary with Greta’s hogging the spotlight and getting all the press coverage. Other young climate alarmists want some love from the press, too.

Half an hour later, with a second Thunberg speech in the offing, a new chant went up, in another attempt to rattle the cages of uncaring politicians: “Hey, hey, ho, ho, climate change has got to go!” sang the crowd.

But though she is the face of the international protest movement, by late afternoon the attention Thunberg was drawing seemed to irritate organisers.

The young Scottish MC for the youth movement Fridays for Future harangued reporters at a “press conference” for not listening to the speeches of other international activists. “Listen!” she yelled. “Pay attention to Adriana from Mexico! You need to know her story.” But Adriana, like the delegates from Argentina, Mexico, Uganda and the Philippines who had come to share their “lived experience”, knew that every camera was trained on the knot of security guards who had formed a human shield around the 18-year-old Swede, as they did wherever she went in the city.

I’ll note a little tone of mutiny coming from the Scottish teen. She’s with the group Fridays for Future and that’s the group that Thunberg started up to organize teen students to become environmental activists. The group’s supporters cut classes on Friday to protest climate change.

It looks like Greta and the other protesters are shut out of the meetings going on inside the conference. The scene outside got chaotic on Monday with protests from three groups making noise.

By late afternoon three demonstrations were taking place: by Fridays for Future, near the BBC Scotland studio; by Greenpeace, whose activists were floating up the Clyde on their famous boat, Rainbow Warrior; and at Kelvingrove museum, where Extinction Rebellion and others were prevented by a vast police presence from disrupting a dinner for heads of state.

If climate change is such a compelling topic and we’re all going to die, or something, in just a few years, why is Joe Biden dozing off? Cameras captured his catnap, another embarrassment delivered to Americans by the president on the international stage. Biden’s eyes slammed shut during a speech by a black, gay disability rights activist, so that’s even worse in the eyes of Democrats. Biden nodded off for a little before the cameras caught his second nap. An aide had to wake him up.

Biden appeared to doze off while listening to Eddie Ndopu, a disability rights activist, who began losing the president as he warned that global warming threatened “our ability to grow food and even to survive.”

Biden’s eyelids drooped for the longer spell as Ndopu, who is also black and gay, said, “I call on you to commit to concrete actions to stop the destruction of this magnificent planet.”

“This conference is one of the most important meetings in history,” Ndopu continued as Biden’s eyes remained closed.

“You have the chance to make decisions and reach agreements which will affect the lives of generations to come. You are in a position of extraordinary power. You can change forever the trajectory we are on. You can make a world that is once again full of hope, not fear.”

Biden’s aide snapped him back to attention just in time to applaud. The president proceeded to rub the sleep from his eyes.

It’s a good thing one of Biden’s keepers was paying attention. Let’s hope the aide woke him up before he started snoring.

Ed adds: I added the “Brandon” to the headline to highlight the hypocrisy if/when the media treats Thunberg’s messaging as either cute or an important vox populi … while at the same time scolding conservatives for their uncouth “Let’s Go Brandon” chant.

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