Boyfriend Stabs Girlfriend Before Running Her Over; Cleared of Murder After Court Hears What They Ate Earlier

A 28-year-old British man has dodged a murder charge because he was out of his mind on drugs and did not know what he was doing.

However, Jake Notman, 28, who stabbed his girlfriend more than 30 times and then ran her over with his car, admitted to manslaughter in the death of Lauren Bloomer, 25, according to Birmingham Live.

The court accepted the argument from Notman’s defense team that after eating a cannabis brownie, Notman was having a “psychotic episode” in which he did not know “what was real and what was not” and had “totally lost touch with reality.”

The tragedy began as the two celebrated the release of the PlayStation 5 gaming console in November 2020 by having cannabis brownies, which the British refer to as “space cakes.”

Bloomer was beaten, strangled, stabbed more than 30 times and run over.

“Lauren Bloomer was in a relationship with this defendant. He was high on cannabis, having ingested a cannabis brownie. Tragically, it looked like something out of the movie ‘Scream,” said prosecutor Deborah Gould.

Bloomer had made a call during the attack, which recorded much of her death

“Lauren activated her telephone, she was not to know she was about to record her murder,” Gould said.

The recording included Notman screaming his intent to kill Bloomer.

Andrew Fisher, defending Notman, said, “They had a celebration and decided to partake with weed brownies. Neither really drunk alcohol or smoked. Tragically, it all went horrendously wrong.”

Fisher said Notman asked Bloomer “to kill him repeatedly before he so terribly killed her in the most horrendous way imaginable. Jake Notman suffered from an extra florid psychotic episode.”

Notman was sentenced to eight years and eight months for the manslaughter conviction, according to the Evening Standard.

The judge said Notman had killed Bloomer in “the most unexpected and frightful way.”

“There is an obvious lesson … that cannabis can be very dangerous. It is an illegal drug for good reason,” she said.

In her sentencing, she said she accepted that Notman, who has no prior record, had shown remorse.

Via    The Western Journal

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